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  • Registration on portal.
  • Internship Registration Form (IRF) - should be filled out once for each profile.
  • Companies are encouraged to conduct a Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) for students to get to know about the company.
  • Announcement of profile to students - Please note that Profile announcement will only happen after the completion of IRF.
  • Interested students apply for the profile on the portal.
  • Shortlisting processes such as Tests / GDs / Interviews can be conducted. Shortlist containing the name and roll number of selected students should be sent to the Placement and Internship Office.
  • Acceptance / Rejection of the offer by the students is shared by the Placement and Internship Office to the company.
  • Official offer letters are to be sent to the Placement and Internship Office at least 30 days before the commencement of the internship.

After submitting the IRF, you will not be able to modify the details of the IRF. For modifications after the submission, reach out to the Internship Office at internship@.iitm.ac.in.

Important Dates and Periods:

  1. The Internship Recruitment Process for a summer internship in 2024 will occur from 1st week Aug 2023 to Apr 2024.Internship Recruitment Process for a winter internship in 2023 will occur from 2nd week Sep 2023 to Nov 2023.
  2. Dates and deadlines for Pre-Placement Talks, resume submissions, tests, group discussions, interviews, and any other events which are part of the selection process, should be decided at least three (3) days in advance with mutual consent of the Internship Office and the company representative. The date for a company will be finalized based on the mutual convenience of the Internship Office and the company. The entire recruitment process should be completed before the dates mentioned above.
  3. Dates for declaration of results/shortlists will be decided with mutual consent of the Internship Office and the company.
  4. Important dates in academic calendar of the Institute:

Odd Semester (July - November)

  1. Session Starts: Last week of July 2023
  2. Vacation (Winter Internship Period) : Last week of November 2023 – First week of January 2024

Even Semester (January-May)

  1. Session Starts: 2nd week of January 2024
  2. Vacation (Summer Internship Period) : 3rd week of May 2024 - 3rd week of July 2024

The above mentioned dates are subject to change as per the institute’s academic calendar here


  1. A student coordinator from the Internship Team will be assigned to serve as a point of contact between the Internship Office and the company.
  2. Scheduling of the interviews will be done by the Internship Office.

The following points are applicable in case of a offline process:

  1. Rooms required by the company, for conducting Pre-Placement Talks, tests, group discussion, interviews, and any such event which is part of the internship selection process, will be arranged by the Internship Office.
  2. All basic stationery items required for the internship selection process by the company will be arranged by the Internship Office.
  3. Requests for accommodation on campus and food can be made. However the expenditure has to be borne/reimbursed by the company.
  4. Arrangements for Online/telephonic interviews will be made by the Internship office.
  5. Requests for any other requirement will be dealt on a case to case basis. However, any such request should be made to the Internship Office at least two days in advance.

Confidentiality Issues

The students who credit the internship period in the company as part of their core curricular requirement have to submit a report and also make a presentation. This is part of the grading policy in the Institute for the core internship programme. If the company has concerns about sharing confidential information, they can ask the student to submit the report to them and suggest suitable modifications to protect confidentiality. Also they need to inform both the student and Internship Office at the time of recruitment about their policy regarding the same. However, IIT Madras expects the students to submit a report and hence the company should allow them to do so.


The students applying on our portal will be graduating one year after the internship. IIT Madras encourages the company to avail the opportunity for making Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) and Pre-Placement Interviews (PPIs) based on the performance of the student(s) so that both the company and the student can benefit from the relationship that began with the internship.


  • Companies should not engage in holding back candidates against their will or in pressurizing the candidates or negotiating with them about the offer.
  • No Interview round should exceed the 1-hour mark.
  • All Companies are requested to release the Offers within an hour after the completion of the recruitment process.
  • All offers (made by the companies) shall be only through the Internship Office.


During certain parts of the Internship Process, there will be multiple companies interviewing students simultaneously(such as during Day 1). In such cases, companies are requested to make note of the following:

  • We urge all companies to have a waitlist of students in case the students in the main offer list choose to accept offers from any other company.
  • The Internship Office will reach out to the company in case a student from the main offer list does not accept their offer. Only after the company confirms that a waitlisted candidate can be extended an offer the Internship Office will notify the student about the same.
  • The order in the waitlist reflects the order of preference of the company among the waitlisted candidates.

Action against offences

Recruiters are requested to keep a note of the following actions/offences which can potentially lead to the company being blacklisted for the next season/penalties during the placement season.

  • Once an internship offer is made, it cannot be revoked under any circumstances.
  • Companies should adhere to the Job Description and other details mentioned in the IRF (such as Compensation, Internship duration)
  • Communication with students: Companies are also requested not to make spot offers to the students during the interview. The students must be allowed to go through any other interview/selection process that they may have during that day.
  • The penalties for violation will be decided by the Internship Advisor and the Student Heads of the Internship Team.

IIT Madras encourages the company to use the PPO and PPI mode, so that both the company and the student can benefit from the relationship that began with the internship.

Kindly check the declaration.

A very warm welcome to our past recruiters and aspiring recruiters from the Placement and Internship Office of IIT Madras.

Thank you for your interest in engaging with IIT Madras and your efforts to hire our students.

Kindly register here to enable the participation in the 2024-2025 Internship Season.

We sincerely thank you for your efforts. We look forward to continuing support and collaboration.


Placement & Internship Office, IIT Madras

About IIT Madras

Founded in 1959, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras is one of the national centres of excellence in engineering education and research. Over the decades the institute has worked hard to earn a very high repute among the general public, the academia as well the industry. Setting standards of excellence in all our endeavours, namely Teaching, Research and Consultancy, IITM has pushed the frontiers of technological knowledge as well as served the nation in all its capacity for technical and scientific advancement.

Maintaining strong relations with the industry is one of the priorities of the institute. Through Industrial Consultancy and Sponsored Research (IC & SR), the faculty and staff of the institute get to work on collaborative projects with the industry. Many companies also pursue joint research programs with various departments and also sponsor individual projects. Scientists and researchers from top firms also visit the institute frequently for technical lectures and interactions. In order to give the students a valuable exposure to the industry, internships are encouraged and are included as a mandatory part in the undergraduate curriculum.

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Why Recruit at IIT Madras

One of the most prestigious institutions in the world for education and research in engineering and sciences, IIT Madras offers the cream of the talent in the country. For five decades now, IITM has produced many illustrious people who have shone in their chosen fields. The following facts would give you an overview of why IIT Madras remains one of the most preferred destinations of recruitment for the leaders of industry.

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The USP of the IITs is the fact that they take in the cream of the talented students every year. The selection processes for the various programs in IIT are very rigorous. JEE, GATE and JAM are among the most competitive examinations. IIT Madras is the destination of choice for many of the top position holders in these exams. Having cleared these tough exams, students go through even tougher academic curriculum. Apart from a strong emphasis on core technical knowledge, the life at IITM also includes character building, cultural activities, literary activities, sports and entrepreneurial activities.

The reputed technical and cultural festivals of IITM - Shaastra, Saarang & Research Scholars Day, our Placement & Internship Cell, our Entrepreneurship Cell, Center for Innovation and the like are completely run and managed by our students. This is apart from the various departmental festivals, activities and competitions. These kinds of exposure imbibes both confidence and ability in the students to achieve what they want. No wonder then that the students of IITM have brought laurels to both the institute and the nation.


IIT Madras has among the finest faculty members in any educational and research institution. World renowned for their prowess in teaching and research, the faculty of IIT Madras have raised the name of the institution to what it is today. Many of the professors have rich experience in engineering and sciences. Having obtained their doctorates from prestigious institutes, prospective faculty undergo a rigorous selection process. There is an adage in IIT circles that it is more difficult to become a professor in IIT than a student. With many years of experience in research, the faculty are the leading light for the students who excel under their guidance. Every year many award-winning research publications occur in leading international and national journals.

Many professors are also distinguished members and fellows of various professional and research bodies like IEEE, ACM and INAE. The faculty of IITM also contribute to many governmental programs for development. Many faculty members also do industrial consultancy, working in collaborative projects with companies and organizations. The central and state governments as well as other bodies have conferred various titles and awards of honour on the faculty of IIT Madras.


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