IITM Internship - New Registration

Please read the following Internship Recruitment Process

a) The Internship Recruitment Process consists of the following steps:
     1. Internship Registration process: All students interested in getting an Internship through the Institute are required to register in the Internship portal. The registration fee is Rs. 1500 [ Rs. 1271 + (18% GST of 1271)] .
     2. After a company fills out an IRF and it is approved by the Internship office, the same will be opened up in the portal. Students must check the portal daily to see if there are any IRF for which they are eligible to apply. If they are, then the student may upload his/her resume for this profile.
     3. Shortlists will be declared and dates for further selection process will be announced in the Internship portal. It is the student's responsibility to keep themselves up-to-date on the developments.
     4. If there are more than one Interview on the same day then company wise priority order will be taken from the common students and interview slotting will be done accordingly.
     5. Once the final selections are done, results will be declared in the Internship portal. The student will then be required to confirm/decline the offer by coming to the Internship office and signing the offer document in ink before 5 pm the following day.

b) Once a student has been given an offer by a company, he/she will be deregistered from the Internship process irrespective of whether he/she accepts or declines the offer. In case the student receives multiple offers, he/she may accept one offer subject to item a4 above. A waitlisted student is eligible to receive an offer before 12 noon the following day. Waitlisted students who have not received any offers may continue to participate in the Internship process.

c) A student who has uploaded his/her resume for a company is required to go through all the subsequent steps required by the company for which he/she is eligible. Disengaging from the process in the middle without prior approval from the Internship Advisor will lead to the student being subjected to the following disciplinary actions (after a hearing):
First offense will lead to a de-registration for 3 weeks and the second offense will result in de-registration for 3 months.
d) A student who accepts an offer but fails to abide by this decision will be subject to disciplinary action.


1.B.Tech students who wish to register on the portal must do so in their III year.
2.Dual degree students will have an option to register either in their 3rd year or their 4th year.
3.M.tech I year students.
4.Student will be allowed to register on the portal only once.

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