IITM Internship - New Registration

Please read the following Internship Recruitment Process

The Internship Recruitment Process consists of the following steps

1. Filling and submitting the Internship Registration Form (IRF) by the company.
2. Dissemination of IRF to the students and uploading of resumes by the students.
3. Selection process based on tests, group discussions, assignments, interviews etc. as mentioned by the company in the IRF.
4. Informing the results of the selection process to the students.
5. Informing the names and contact details of students accepting the offer to the company.
6. Transmission of offer letters to the Internship office.

It must be noted that a student, once selected for an internship is not allowed to sit for any other company. In case he/she has applied for more than one company, he/she has to accept the earliest offer.

Internship Registration Form (IRF):

(a) The company has to fill an IRF at the online portal, http://internship.iitm.ac.in/companies. This can be done by using the link sent in the invitation email to the company.
(b) The profile can be shared with the students only after the IRF is completed
(c) In case a company is offering multiple profiles it is mandatory to fill a separate IRF for each profile.
(d) If a company is offering a core profile during the recruitment process, the company should not change it subsequently, since the internship can be a curricular requirement for the student recruited.
(e) Mandatory fields indicated in the IRF must be filled. The Internship office will inform the company whether the submitted IRF meets the requirements of the Internship office or not.
(f) In case there are any changes in the IRF after it has been shared with the students, the same can be intimated to the Internship Advisor. Once approved, the IRF will be modified by the Internship office.

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